2012 Running Log
Summary of the year.
Due to the year being so wet Gentoo has only had one "fun run" this year with most of the years 154 miles being accumulated during public running.  With the modifications that have been made to the steam control valves (now using PTFE seats akin to those fitted by Station Road Steam to all current Stafford's), the revised injector position and piping, and the 'O' Ring clack valves the performance has really improved to the point where I can drive the loco without any worries.  The 7 1/2 hour public running stint, when the loco was hardly ever stationary and the nonstop 7 mile run show just how well the Stafford's can perform.  Overall a very satisfactory year, and with the cosmetic changes that have resulted from fitting the cab I now have the loco exactly how I want it.

Date Location Activity Mileage Comments
01/04/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Members Day 5.05 Successfully passed the biannual hydraulic boiler test and annual steam test.  Loco driven around track by several junior members.
08/04/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 8.35 Right hand injector steam valve suddenly started leaking a narrow jet of steam between the main body and spindle body.  Problem traced to a hairline crack in the fibre washer between the valve body and spindle body.  Replacement washer fitted.
20/05/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 11.67 Right hand injector failed during running so the left hand injector was used for the rest of the day.  Problem traced to two tiny bits of grit partially blocking the injector combiner cone which were removed using a short length of 0.8mm diameter MIG welding wire.
17/06/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 13.33 No problems all day, and equal highest passenger mileage in a day.
15/07/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 16.23 Charity run in morning and public running in the afternoon.  7 /12 hours in use, but both injector clack valves failed when used during shutdown.
19/08/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 7.58 First hot day of the year and both injector clacks failed so loco withdrawn from service after 4 hours running.
25/08/12 A Private Garden Railway Charity Run 3.07 No problems, other than torrential rain.
02/09/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Members Day 11.63 No problems.  Nice five lap non stop run, then most driving by junior members undergoing driver training.
16/09/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 12.17 Modified injector system seems as if it may have resolved some of the injector / clack issues.
22/09/12 Mizens Railway (Woking) 7 1/4" Society AGM 3.99 Passenger hauling.  No problems and modified injector system / steam valves all OK.
07/10/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Members Day 16.42 Non stop run of just over 7 miles and also the furthest distance run in a day.  New O Ring clack valve performed perfectly.
14/10/12 Leatherhead SSME Public Running 14.68 No problems all day and relocated injectors with O Ring clack valves worked perfectly even at boiler pressures over 115 psi.
21/10/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 13.75 No problems all day even when running at 115 psi.  Heaviest load yet pulled, 3 loaded coaches on a damp aluminium track.
02/12/12 Pinewood (Wokingham) Santa Specials 7.8 No problems all day.
09/12/12 Pinewood (wokingham) Santa Specials 8.19 No problems all day.
Total mileage this year                    = 153.91
Total passenger mileage this year  = 120.81