2010 Running Log
Summary of the year.
This has all been about running in the new locomotive, and apart from a couple of teething problems the loco has behaved very well.  Despite only having covered 14 miles the loco has been driven by more than 12 different people ranging from novice junior members to experienced model engineers and everyone seems to agree that the Stafford is a very good model and pleasant to drive.
Please note that the seized cross head (as reported in the problems section) was a defect found on this first ever production batch of three locomotives, and that the design change to resolve it had already been completed.  It was just my bad luck that the new parts turned up one week after my first run.

Date Location Activity Mileage Comments
08/08/10 Home Pre run check Pre run check found that the check valve spring in the mechanical lubricator was missing.  New spring supplied by Station Road Steam..
05/09/10 Pinewood (Wokingham) Members Day 1.80 Loco suddenly stopped when running.  Traced to seized left hand cross head.  (Loco collected by Station Road Steam within 48 hours for repair)
03/10/10 Pinewood (Wooingham) Members Day 6.32 Loco returned by Station Road Steam after repair, update, and test runs.  Driven by ever club members and guest present on the site.
05/11/10 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 5.88 Retaining bolts dropped out of the front left side axle box retaining strap.
Total mileage this year = 14.00