2011 Running Log
Summary of the year.
This has been a very busy year for Gentoo, and apart from a couple of teething problems early in the year it has run almost faultlessly.  Its availability for public running has certainly been a match for all the other regular passenger locos at Pinewood, with only one failure in service.  The injector clack problem, which appears to be a recurring theme throughout the year, is mostly because I spent so much time deliberately experimenting to try to determine why it failed.  I doubt that the failure rate is actually any worse than that of other engines I know, but I hope that my experiments will eventually lead to a complete solution.
Overall I would rate the Stafford as having exceeded my expectations and its reliability during public running has been acknowledged by many other club members.  It has certainly been a very enjoyable year.

Date Location Activity Mileage Comments
03/04/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Members Day 11.28 Derailed after viaduct.  Driver error - looking at injector and missed obstruction on the track.
17/04/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 7.61 Knock from loco traced to right piston rod having unscrewed about 2 turns from the crosshead.  Temporary withdrawal from service while repairing.
01/05/11 Wherwell (Andover) Visit 6.22 Left hand injector clack valve stuck open when used for first time about 3 hours into run.  Problem solved when injector restarted by spraying with cold water.
15/05/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 9.67 Mechanical lubricator stopped working during the day.  Traced to the ratchet pawl having worn away.
12/06/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Special Event 7.15 Loco being driven by the local Councillor.  A screw was found to have fallen out of the drain cock linkage when cleaning the loco after the run.
19/06/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 10.05 Right hand injector steam valve started leaking.  Top section had come loose.
02/07/11 Amners Farm (Reading) Visit 12.84 Left hand injector clack valve stuck open when used for the first time about 4 hours into the run.  Fire had to be dropped.  Mechanical lubricator not working again.  Eventually traced to it not operating at anything above a very slow speed.
10/07/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Guest Drivers 10.08 Loco being driven by Mid Hants Railway P'Way visitors.  Left hand injector clack valve problem occurred again at the end of the day test.
17/07/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 3.01 Right hand injector clack valve stuck open during normal use.  Fire had to be dropped and loco withdrawn from service.
30/07/11 Hollycombe Steam Museum Public Running 7.48 Left hand injector clack valve stuck open at the very end of the day.  Fire had to be dropped.
21/08/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 13.38 New injector clack valves fitted, but left hand clack still failed the "end of day" test by sticking open.
18/09/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Public Running 12.51 Only the right injector used all day without any problems.  Left clack dismantled when back home to examine the dirt inside it.
24/09/11 Coate Water Park (Swindon) Visit 4.93 Usual left hand injector clack failure (when tested after period of no use) demonstrated to Station Road Steam.
02/10/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Special Event 9.14 Birthday party for disabled children in the morning and then loco used by junior members all afternoon.  (Injector clack test failed as usual at end of day)
16/10/11 Pinewood *Wokingham) Public Running 12.11 No problems all day !
04/12/11 Pinewood (Wokingham) Santa Specials 8.40 No problems all day again !
Total mileage this year                  = 145.84
Total passenger mileage this year = 93.56