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This list of links and information was created in January 2012 and will be periodically updated but Gentoo's Journals cannot guarantee that it will always be accurate as businesses and organisations may change at any time.

Station Road Steam Manufacturers of the Stafford and Feldbahn locomotives as well as being a dealer for all types of live steam models.
Clubs and Societies mentioned in this website
7 1/4" Gauge Society A society that caters for any modeller worldwide who is interested in 7 1/4" gauge model railways.
Amnersfield Miniature Railway A long miniature railway located on a farm site just south of Reading.
Andover & District Model Engineering Society My home society with a track on a wooded site to the South of Andover..
Basingstoke & District Model Engineering Society A society with a raised 5" and 3 1/2" gauge track located on the Viables Centre, Basingstoke.
Guildford Model Engineering SocietyA society with their own site situated in Stoke Park, Guildford.
Hollycombe Working Steam Museum A working steam powered traditional fairground with other traction engines and various railways.
North Wilts Model Engineering Society Hosts for the 7 /14" Gauge Society AGM in 2011.
Pinewood (Wokingham) Miniature Railway Society Located on the Pinewood Leisure Centre, Wokingham this was the society where I started operating steam locomotives.
Surrey Society of Model EngineersA very nice track located in Leatherhead.
4QD Suppliers of speed controllers for miniature locomotives.
Blackgates Engineering Suppliers of the Pinnacle steam raising blower and all other model engineering materials and components.
Brian Jones Supplier of the FX4 range of digital sound effect modules.
Chronos Engineering Supplies Supplier of the miniature bending rolls used to make the dummy suspension springs, and all sorts of other tools and supplies for the model engineer.
EKP Supplies My preferred supplier for all BA bolts, screws, and nuts; plus most of the metal I use for my projects.
Metal Black Supplier of the Metal Black chemicals for giving steel components a shiny black rust resistant finish.
Model Engineers Laser Supplies laser cutting services for the model engineer.
Morris Lubricants Suppliers of steam and other oils suitable for use on the Stafford locomotive.
Polly Model Engineering Manufacturers of the Polly range of 5" gauge steam locomotives.
PNP Railway Supplier of all sorts of components and track for miniature railways.
R A Barker Suppliers of the whistle I used on my Stafford, and several other high quality steam fittings.
Ride on Railways Suppliers of the 5" gauge Hercules and other electric locomotives.
Signal Fuels Suppliers of steam coal for miniature steam engines.
Walker Midgley Insurance Services Insurance broker who specialises in all forms of insurance for the model engineer.
Warco Suppliers of machine tools for model engineers.