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Radio controlled submarine the Walter S Winnans Colin Gross driving his Land Rover Discovery in the 1000 Rivers rally A 2" scale Minnie traction engine
Ancient History Excursions into Full Size Current Model Engineering
This section covers the period of the 60's to the mid 80's when I was building and operating all types of radio controlled models, including submarines.  This photo shows one of my small submarines surfacing through the ice covering the boat pool of the London Model Engineer Exhibition (Wembley). For just over a decade from the mid 80's I spent my time building, and competing in, full size 4x4 off road vehicles.  I built three vehicles from scratch and two of the others were used as the family car all week and then used competitively most weekends.  This photo shows my much modified Land Rover Discovery somewhere in the Massif Centrale region of France. From the late 90's I returned to model making, and this section covers my various attempts at model engineering projects, both the successes and failures.  It has been this sequence of events that has led to my owning and operating the Stafford saddle tank from Station Road Steam.