End of the line.
Sadly my Feldbahn and this website have reached the end of the line.
If you have visited certain websites recently you may have spotted that my Feldbahn and wagons appeared on the "for sale" pages, and hopefully by the time you read this my entire railway stock will have found new homes.  This website will remain available until the host subscription runs out in October 2017 and then it will disappear.  There are many reasons why I have reached this position, but the last time I ran the Feldbahn I realised that without passengers to transport I simply wasn't enjoying my time on the track any more.  Situations outside my control prevent my operating elsewhere, so after days spent looking at all my options I sadly decided that it's time to sell up and move on.
I created this website at a time when just a handful of Staffords had been sold as a way of connecting with other owners in the hope of sharing our experiences.  If the quantity of correspondence that resulted from the website is any indication then that aim was achieved, and I learnt a lot from steam engine enthusiasts around the world.  To date this website has seen people from 31 different countries spending time looking at the pages, a number which I found quite amazing.  Although the number of visits to this website has declined significantly since its peak in 2012 there hasn't been much variation of late, so I it seems that there may be a group of you who have been following my activities.  As such I would like to thank you for taking an interest in this website and my engines.  I would also like to thank those of you who have taken time to share your experiences with me.  I have learned a lot from you and enjoyed your photos and videos showing model locomotives running in so many different parts of the world.
Yours Sincerely
The list below shows what has been recently added or modified on this website.
August 2016New sections added to the Functional Modifications pages referring to a new whistle valve and electric boiler feed pumps.
August 2016New sections added to the Cosmetic Modifications pages detailing the restyling of my Feldbahn to its 0-6-0 tender format.
August 2016New photos and video added to the Gallery page showing the restyled Feldbahn at Wherwell.
September 2015 Boiler Testing page (see Operation sub menu of the Stafford pages) updated to include hydraulic test information for Feldbahn locomotives (and Staffords fitted with the soft pop type safety valve).
September 2015 New video added and also a new Cosmetic Modification page added - Guards Van construction.
September 2015 New photos added to the Gallery page showing the debut of the Feldbahn's guards van and pipe wagon.